Take me to the beach

nikko by the beach

In my heart, I really am a beach bum. In another world, in another lifetime, where the world isn't as troubled, I would like to be a surfer dude. I would want to wake up to the smell of the sea. When I look out the bedroom window of my tiny hut, I want the ocean winds to greet me good morning. I want to be able to spend the day in my board shorts. In the morning I will take a dip in the blue waters. In the afternoon I will jog along the endless beach, as the sun sets in the horizon. I will read all the books I want under a coconut tree. I will write poems and draw.

In this alternate world, I will finally have time to write post cards and love letters to the people I care for.

When it rains, the roof of my hut will leak. But I will not care so much. I will put a bucket under it and fix the hole in the morning.

At night I will cook dried fish and steamed rice while drinking coconut juice.

I will have a small vegetable garden in my backyard. On weekends, I will drink a bottle or two of beers with fishermen friends. Some nights, I will go fishing with them and help them cast their nets on the dark water. At dawn we will go back to the shore with our catch.

 I will walk my dog along the beach. And when we both get tired, we will sit for a while on the soft, white sand as we breathe in God's poetry that is the ocean.

I will have nothing and will have everything.

But today, the reality of the world calls for me to be somewhere else, to do something different. Maybe someday. Maybe in another world, in another life.


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