Happy Birthday Anne!!!

Since most of us (by us, I mean Me, Donna, Bea hahaha) can't be there on your special day, here's my gift to you! hahaha (I know what you're thinking : CHEAPO/Cheap *astard. Oh well. C'est la vie Annie!!! hahaha. Which is of course the name of her blog : https://cestlavieannie.wordpress.com/)

So thank you, Anne for being you! For being sweet, cheerful, smart and simply amazing (SMART!) I guess it's true what they say, good things come in small packages. Kidding!

Anne with her housemates and batchmate, Donna.

Anne at her graduation.

With the Hernandez family! and the BF (best friend). Fine I'll admit it: I forgot his name. Sorry. I really am bad with names especially if we haven't shared a bottle of beer or two (not that I only make friends with alcoholics but you know what I mean.)

Erratum: So Donna tells me that the name of the dude beside Anne is Earl. Hello Earl!!! Of course, I am banking on the probability that you will never get to see this blog or that we'll never meet in person again. Otherwise: AWKWAAAAARD. haha

This was in Vermont with Anne doing her Little Ms. Philippines pose.

Here's to your peace of mind,

Peace in your love life,

and peace in the world. haha.

Her most treasured award. haha.

During the South African Braii.

Happy Birthday Anne! And see you back in the Bronx!


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